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Uwish: Recent posts

I wrote a bunch of posts for Uwishunu recently. Check out the links:

Haunted Poe: Starts Tomorrow!

First Friday @ Philadelphia’s Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Gravediggers’ Ball @ Laurel Hill Cemetery

Happy Days @ The Lantern Theater

Saturday: Paco Pena @ The Kimmel Center



Photos published in Seattle guide site


After my trip to Seattle over Thanksgiving, I posted a bunch of photos to my Flickr account. A few days before Christmas, I got an e-mail from an editor from Schmap, an online/desktop travel guide site. They have published two of my photos are part of their online Seattle guide.

The first is of the Pike Place Market sign (pictured above). The other is a sculpture from Olympic Sculpture Park (below).


It’s a pretty cool idea… the site gets free quality images and flickr users get some free publicity for their photos. The images on Schmap link to the original flickr pages, too. Here are links to the images on Schamp:

Pike Place Market

Olympic Sculpture Park

Check out the rest of my Seattle photos here.

Uwish: Tied House Review


Another Art Museum area gastro-pub review for Uwishunu was posted a few days ago. This time it was the Tied House at 20th and Hamilton. Overall a pretty cool place… Check out the post here.

Photo credit to Rachel Playe for the chicken wings photo.

Back from Seattle with photos


My recent trip to Seattle is a great excuse to get back on this thing. The city and trip was awesome. I just finished uploading a ton of photos to my Flickr account… check them out here.  Or, check out a few of them after the jump. Continue reading

Stoudt’s Microfest writeup for Beer Radar

I attended Stoudt’s Microfest benefit this weekend, a craft beer festival hosted by the brewery in my home town. I’ve heard about it for years, but this was the first chance I had to go. Earlier in the week, I had emailed Joe Sixpack and asked if he was covering it. He was away on vacation and said he wouldn’t be able to make so. So, I offered to write something up. He graciously accepted. Yesterday afternoon, I sent him my writeup and he posted it on his blog, Beer Radar.

You can check out the post here, or check it out after the jump. The event itself was a blast and writing about beer was a lot tougher than I was expecting. It’s hard to not come off as an arrogant critic or an alcoholic. At any rate, another huge thank you to Joe Sixpack for the opportunity.

Continue reading

Art I Like: Julio Cesar Morales

A friend at work brought a poster of this work back from California for me. The artist, Julio Cesar Morales, is part of the Los Angeles County Art Museum’s Phantom Sightings Exhibit. Coming from my friend, Morales’ work represents the ways illegal immigrants have attempted to enter the United States. I really like the extra element this brings to the simple watercolors. I couldn’t find a Web site with a good gallery, but a good olGoogle image search is definitely worth checking out.

[Image from]