Let them eat… St. Stephen’s Green

The Philadelphia Inquirer is taking me out to dinner.

While attending the Bastille Day celebrations in Fairmount on Saturday, I stopped by the Philadelphia Inquirer booth. They had a raffle going on and (I assume) were selling subscriptions. I entered the raffle and continued on my French stroll about the Penitentiary.
This afternoon at work I got a voicemail stating that I had won a $25 gift certificate to St. Stephen’s Green in the raffle. It’s great news for me, but I wanted to tell the Inquirer to keep their money and pay someone an overtime hour. I have some spare cash to go out– I’d rather see the paper stay afloat.
I also wrote my first two uwishunu.com posts this weekend about “Philadelphia UFO Awareness Day” and a PAMUFON event at GERM bookstore in Fishtown. The best news is that I will be able to write about St. Stephens for the blog as well, doubling up an enjoyable evening of free food with a cool post.
[Image courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer via London Grill]

2 responses to “Let them eat… St. Stephen’s Green

  1. Christopher Wink

    Glad to see Alex Irwin etc etc reawakened. that’s also awesome you won a raffle – stealing money from the Inqy without buying a subscription – and posting on Uwishunu.com. Keep it up, killa.

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