Uwish: Posts in May

I did a whole bunch of Uwishunu posts in May. Check ’em out:

Art + Soul Food in Brewerytown

Napoleon Bonaparte @ the National Constitution Center

Philadelphia’s Rock Paper Scissors City League Championship Series

Royal Tavern Burger on the Food Network

Star Trek: The Exhibition @ The Franklin

The Art and Preparation of Seafood @ Otolith Sustainable Seafood


Phreq: How much would you pay for a blank CD-R?

Another blog post I wrote for Phrequency, this time about Dark Night of the Soul, a Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse collaboration. Their record label, EMI, won’t release it, so they’re urging fans to download it illegally and buy a blank CD-R and David Lynch art book to compensate the artists. Here’s the post.

Phrequency: How much would you pay for a blank CD-R?

Phreq: Tweet Tweet: #firstrecord


I’ve started writing more “newsy” blog posts for Phrequency. Here’s one.

Phrequency.com: Tweet Tweet: #firstrecord

Uwish: All kinds of posts

I’ve been writing up a lot of stuff for uwishunu lately. It’s been a lot of preview posts and announcements of events that’ve already passed, so I’m just going to provide links in this post. So take a look:

First Friday on Frankford Ave

Posters for the people @ The Adrienne Theater

Cooking Lessongs @ The Marketplace at East Falls

Gourmet Magazine Lists Johnny Brenda’s in Eight Great Rock Venues with Great Food

Beer Tasting @ The Marketplace at East Falls

Marigold Kitchen: Named One of the Top 10 Brunch Spots in the Country

Phreq: Amazing Baby’s Amazing Momentum


On Saturday I covered Amazing Baby and Native Black at Kung Fu Necktie. I previously covered AB when they opened for The Cobbs at Johnny Brenda’s last year. Check out the writeup and photos on Phrequency.com

Phrequency: Amazing Baby’s Amazing Momentum

Uwish: Rent preview and review


The touring production of RENT came through Philadelphia a while back. I wrote a preview and review for Uwishunu. It was the largest big-budget production I’ve seen in a long time. I’m not used to huge stages, mic’d actors and the consistency that comes from years of touring. But, it was a good show and I always love the Academy of Music. Check out the preview below, review after the jump.

Uwishunu: Rent comes to Philadelphia’a Academy of Music

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Uwish: Lantern’s Stealing Shakespeare


And now for an Uwishunu preview post that didn’t already take place. Lantern Theater Co. is running a production of Hamlet that opens tonight. It’s also hosting an event on Monday called Stealing Shakespeare. It’s a lecture type deal with two theater professors discussing a whole bunch of art that’s borrowed from Hamlet’s themes.

Uwishunu: Stealing Shakespeare @ The Lantern Theater