Uwish: Local chef and Iron Chef America

I am a closet Iron Chef America fan. I am getting more into cooking, but regular cooking shows seem kind of boring to me. Why would I want to watch someone cook hamburgers? Usually the thing holding me back from making whatever is on a cooking show is the expensive or unique ingredient they’re using. I figure, if I had that ingredient, I could make that dish… sometimes.

Anyway, I enjoy Iron Chef for the crazy dishes they make and the “secret ingredient.” When A local Philly chef, Jose Garces, got on the show, I happily accepted the chance to write about it for Uwishunu. While I still haven’t seen the full show (it aired first on Sunday and again last night), I saw enough to realize that the main ingredient was melon. I’m still hoping to catch the full episode at some point, though I saw enough to see him spank Bobby Flay. Now, I’m trying to decide if I should bite the bullet and go order his Iron Chef offerings at one of his local restaurants. At any rate, here’s the post:

Local Chef Battles in Iron Stadium on Iron Chef America


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