B&C: Name that sifaka

A post I wrote for the Temple News blog, Broad & Cecil: Name that sifaka: 2.28.08

The Philadelphia Zoo just had a baby– a baby sifaka.

Sifaka: any of several diurnal mostly black-and-white lemurs (genus Propithecus) with a long tail and silky fur [m-w.com]

The Zoo wants your help naming it. The nominees are:

Loka” (loo-ka): a Malagasy name meaning “Prize”
Kapiky” (ka-PEE-kee): a Malagasy name meaning “nut”
Eko” (eh-KO): a character name from the television show “Lost”
Cozbi” (cos-BEE): Suggested write-in

Check out the website to vote.


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