B&C: Temple boathouse gets shut down by city

A post I wrote for the Temple News blog, Broad & Cecil: Temple boathouse gets shut down by city: 1.29.2008

Temple University received a notice late last Friday that the city’s Licenses and Inspections Dept. had sealed the East Park Canoe House, located on Kelly Drive at the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. The Temple men’s and women’s crew team, along with three local high schools, store their equipment in the house.
The notice cited building code violations. Assistant Director of Athletics Larry Dougherty said that Temple had no prior notice that the closing was happening. Temple staff, along with members of La Salle, Father Judge, and North Catholic high schools, have until Feb. 15 to remove equipment. Students are not allowed to enter the house. Dougherty said that the notice most likely was in reference to the damage on the exterior of the building, adding that Temple does not own the house.
“We haven’t seen the documentation. There is exterior damage to the building that can always affect the interior. We are tenants, the building is owned by the city,” he said.
A meeting between team representatives and the Fairmount Park Commission has been scheduled for Thursday, where a temporary storage solution will hopefully be determined.
“The rowing community has reached out to all of the schools to see where they can assist. We have been grateful for our neighbors who have reached out to both Temple and the high schools affected,” Dougherty said


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