B&C: Genneration Y wants more perks at work

A post I wrote for the Temple News blog, Broad & Cecil: Generation Y wants more perks at work: 02.07.2008
According to a recent survey conducted by Careerbuilder.com and Harris Interactive, “Generation Y” employees (people born between 1980 and 1995) have a “exhibit a sense of entitlement that older generations don’t.”
The study said that younger employees better pay, flexible hours and company-provided cell phones.
Members of Generation Y, the lamest of all generation names, cite unpaid internships and high education costs are justification for demanding more time off and higher pay.
Apparently, some employers are going for it. 57 percent of employers allowed for more flexible work schedules and 33 percent created additional recognition programs. Employers cited growing Web 2.0 trends like Myspace and Youtube as a big reason to appease these snobby young employees.
Illustration by Mike Korostelev


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